WHISKEY WHILE WE WORK is a classy but not too classy lifestyle blog for creative adventurers who like to work hard and play harder.
It's run by two badass ladies who are trying to explore the world,
one project at a time.


Welcome! My name is Karen Khounthavong
but you can call me, KK (rhymes with Yay! Yay!)

I am Whiskey While We Work creative director, co-blogger and co-founder! By day, I am a virtual assistant with a communication design background. I am from the Pacific Northwest. I like food, MBTI (tell me what you are!), and art.  I also like throwing a good themed party and making videos. I blog on Whiskey While We Work because I am not my day job and neither are you! There is a lot more to explore beyond that 9 to 5. We'll show you how on our Instagram and on our blog posts 


Hey! My name is Tiana Yamamoto, 
or TY (like Tea) for short. 

I am the co-blogger and co-founder for the oh so awesome Whiskey While We Work duo. I am an eclectic form of creative with schooling in the Business World; Economics and Finance to be exact. I love to eat (one of the reasons why KK and I get along so well), create cute things and Do Things Myself (DTM). If I think I can make something myself, I will- and I'll show you how too! There is so much more you can do outside of your 9 to 5 that inspires your soul.



It's tricky making friends at work, let alone forge a friendship with the girl that replaces you! TY was leaving her position at a local bridal boutique and KK was the gal hired to replace her. On an impossible day, the boutique was short staffed and TY was asked to sub in with KK. This resulted in a quick and wonderful friendship between this blog's co-founders. Now you can see what they have been up to since they both no longer work at that bridal shop but instead as daytime corporate ladder climbers and all-of-the-time food addicted, creatives. 


Here on our blog: every hour is happy hour!
We don't just mean booze (but we are not opposed to that idea).
What we really mean is that we believe that
you hustle your buns off, create the life you want to live,
and celebrate all the moments in between. 


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