Out Of Office: A Quick Trip to Chicago

Hey friends! KK here on a plane back home from Chicago. This impromptu trip was because of Jared. He had a last minute work trip and I decided to tag along since my best friends live there. I also almost never pass up the chance to travel anywhere. Good things about the trip include great weather there, chill non touristic activities, and an incredible view of Lake Michigan. Not so fun thing is that we all had to work because of the last minute nature of our trip.

Luckily, my day job is remote and I can work from anywhere. I love this part of my job. I can just pack up and leave without really being offline.  All I need is my laptop and a good pair of headphones. If you are in the market I have the Beats 3 wireless and a formal review will be up on the blog soon. I adored my lake front view but I was itching to go back home to my office. Want to know what I was up to? Check out the video below:

Still, Chicago feels like a second home to me in a lot of ways. I’ve been visiting almost annually since 2012! I didn’t get up to very many touristy things since I’ve been to and done most of the museums and attractions. It was rad to just relax and live like a local. Work by day, dinner and drinks with friends by night. We plan to be back for vacation in June and I am so ready.

If you happen to be in the Chicago area or are planning on visiting, here are a few of our favorite haunts:

Howells and Hood

This is a swanky burger and brew joint. They have about 100 beers on tap and a great selection of cocktails. Service has been pretty excellent here every time we’ve come.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Oooh girl! Fried chicken done so right. It’s a smaller place and usually pretty packed so be prepared for a wait. Or go around 7pm on a weekday like we did to avoid the dinner/brunch rush.

Burger Bar South Loop


We didn’t go this time but this is a pretty fun burger joint with a few paleo friendly options. Also lots of delicious non paleo options like deep fried pickles.

HERO Coffee South Loop

A great little place that serves pour over coffee. Maybe it’s my PNW roots but I am SERIOUSLY powered by coffee. I have been interested in different processes of making it and pour over might be the next thing I try.

Troquet River North

French food and bottomless mimosas. Need I say more?

Bar Louie – Printer’s Row

I love Printer’s Row, the neighborhood this bar is located! There a few good restaurants and shops in this area worth checking out but Bar Louie is a great place for Happy Hour and usually not too crowded unless it’s $1 Burger Tuesday. YES only $1!

Lou Malnati's (Multiple Locations)

Delicious, deep dish pizza that makes you proud to be Chicagoan. They also ship pizzas! Last minute Valentine's day gift, anyone? 

The Signature Room or The Signature Lounge


If you are feeling real fancy, check out the Brunch at the Signature Room or grab drinks in the Signature Lounge. Did I mention they are on the 95th and 96th floors of the Hancock Tower?

Been to Windy City and have further recommendations for me?
Please comment below!

Ta-ta my lovelies,