Out of Office: 3 Tips to Not Over Pack for a Weekend in SF

Out of Office: 3 Tips to Not Over Pack for a Weekend in SF

Hey everyone! This shouldn’t surprise anyone when I say: I am an over-packer. My need to overpack leads to lugging my heavy suitcase around town. Jared ends up carrying it if I whine long enough. This weekend, I am Jared-less and headed to San Francisco for a Friends Weekend! What a good opportunity to learn how to pack light! I only planned to bring two bags with me: my crossbody tote as a purse and my Lo & Sons OG bag as a weekender bag. Scroll down to see what I packed and keep reading to see how I fared.

Friday: On the Plane and Lunch with my Coworker
At the last minute, I swapped my tan booties for these tall flat boots because I believed it was going to rain. This was a good decision since I ended up running around the Bay Area. I would not recommend wearing tall boots for any plane rides that last longer than 2 hours. It gets uncomfortable for your ankles. The outfit I had was great for a plane ride but a little too casual for lunch with my co-worker. We went to a fancy French restaurant and everyone was at least two decades older than me. To make matters worse, I kept spilling on myself like a child.

After lunch, I headed straight to my Airbnb, and thank God, the host had a bottle of wine to welcome me. I opened that bad boy and slipped into my cotton pajamas. The Airbnb also had a washer and dryer. I plan to put those to use because I already felt pretty grimy.

Saturday: Brunch and Warriors Basketball Game
I got up at 5AM after sleeping because of the excitement to see my friends now. Hello. Extrovert. Being alone makes me depressed and isolated. Ironic, since my job requires me to work from home. Anyways, I started out in a coat, a dress, a cardigan, and boots but the weather was so nice that I began taking it all off! We walked around Mission. We stopped by the Everlane Lab, which made me want to increase my style game. Lots of well made, minimal pieces.

Later on, we went to and Beeryland. It was a bit breezy there and I regretted not wearing a jacket to the game. At the game, I was comfortable and my temperature regulated. The Warriors killed it and I got to be in the same air space as Drake!

Don’t recommend Horsefeather if you are trying to chill out and talk with your friends or a date. It was loud and crowded. The hostess wasn’t the nicest. The drinks were great and the decor was cozy. We were only there to wait for our table at NOPA. The hostess there was also not super helpful but the rest of the staff was attentive and the food lived up to the hype. Spendy but the portions were generous on the flatbread and pappardelle. The latter had a nine hour bolognese. It was divine and I may need to recreate the recipe later.

Sunday: Sightseeing and Back on the Plane
Early this morning, two of the four of us caught a plane home. I said goodbye with all the energy I could muster and back to sleep. I dressed in my sightseeing outfit, which was comfy but too warm. I expected it to rain like the forecast stay but it was 56 degrees and sunny with low wind.

Abby and I spent a majority of the day inside at China Live and City Lights Bookstore. Before long, I was regretting still packing as much as I did (stupid extra Saturday outfit). My Lo & Sons bag was weighing me down to the point I kept setting it down. I called my Lyft early and took a little rest on the way to the airport.

Long story short!

Extra Things I Packed But Wished I Didn’t

  1. Extra socks

  2. My hair straightener - although my friend, Abby ended up using it so not regretting it as much.

  3. The whole extra outfit on Saturday.

Extra Things I Packed With No Regrets

  1. My laptop: Was able to do work and get ahead of the week.

  2. Pajamas: I sleep in the nude but I shared a bed with a friend on this trip. It was nice to stay clothed and warm. The Airbnb was a little chilly.

  3. My boots: My cute boots would not have been pleasant after a while.

3 Simple Tips to Not Overpack

  1. Do your research! Check the weather, see if there is a washer and dryer where you’re staying. Having a washer and dryer at the Airbnb saved my butt.

  2. Plan your outfits for what you are actually doing. No need to pack a gown for a Gala if you aren’t going to one. Worse case scenario if you need a dress real bad, go and buy one! But it’s likely that it won’t be necessary.

  3. Choose a color pallette. My signature palette is neutrals with a pop of color (my bright yellow scarf, similar here). When you choose a color scheme, everything matches and you don’t have to think about how you mix your pieces.

Full Packing List

One pair of tights
JCrew Pajamas
4 pairs of underwear + 1 bra
3 pairs of socks
My bright yellow scarf - Similar one here
My jewelry

H&M Sleeveless Blouse
Shoedazzle Scoop Neck Sweater
H&M Geometric Kimono Cardigan (Unavailable)
H&M Fine Knit Cardigan
H&M Jersey Dress
My Raincoat & Pictured Raincoat
Moto Jacket Pictured, Budget Option

Dark Ripped Jeans
Mesh Leggings
Plain Leggings

Ankle Boots
Bucket Tote - Not the actual bag I’m taking but fits with the look of everything
Lo & Sons OMG Bag

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