DIY Wedding Favors Essential Oil Candles

DIY Wedding Favors Essential Oil Candles

Workkparty has been in wedding party mode- tis the season right? We're all about the DIY and trying to make what can be the most expensive day a little more economical. What's more economical than making expensive things, like favors yourself?

My sister just got married and although her wedding wasn't quite the DIY extravaganza, I did find a way to get a DIY in there somehow. It doubled as a wedding gift from yours truly! Great idea for you readers out there! Cuts cost for your bride, and doubles as a wedding gift that is meaningful.

I decided to make a whole DIY brunch party with some of Workkparty's favorite gal pals. Sadly we didn't photo document that very well (fail). Rest assure though, we had quite the spread. Mini waffles, fresh fruit, assorted mimosa's, doughnuts, egg tarts and more! Workkparty's gal pals came through on the (second) most important part of the party, FOOD!

I asked my sister what scent she wanted and began doing some candle research. I found Coco Kelley tutorial on her super cute DIY candles.

Tip: Look for your candle vessels in advance, especially if you are doing less than 50. A lot of suppliers only sell containers in units of 12, or large units of 50. Keep in mind the smaller your count the more expensive the vessels get.

I was able to find cute 4oz glass votives at the local craft store. It was on sale per case (dozen), ended up making each votive .97 cents. This made them the same cost as online - even cheaper if you include shipping cost when ordering online.

My sister requested a eucalyptus & peppermint scent for it's calming qualities. I provided Doterra essential oils for the party. (If you want to know more about that leave a comment or send us an email!) Essential oils are a great source for natural remedies.

Coco Kelly used wooden wicks, which appealed to me for their uniqueness and simplicity. Please read the reviews on which ones you buy. Make sure they come with the metal base and that people have had success with the brand. One of the main reviews was to soak the wooden wicks in oil for at least 30 minuets, if not more.

Other tips: Buy your melting pot, pouring vessel (I used a measuring cup), and stir from a thrift store!

What you will need:

  1. Soy Wax Flakes (I bought 10lbs to make 35 - 4oz candles)
  2. Candle vessels (heat tempered)
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Wooden wicks with metal base
  5. Melting Pot
  6. Measuring cup
  7. Spoon
  8. Labels

Step 1: Prep your vessels for your candles. Make sure they are clean of debri. Your wooden wicks should have been soaking for at least 30 minuets in oil. I had everyone double their wicks per reviews for better burning.

Step 2: Melt your wax. I did a double boil method; a pan with water with my melting pot sitting it it. Melt your soy wax flakes until clear. Turn heat to low. Dip metal base of wicks in melted wax to adhere to the bottom of the vessels. While your wicks set, and your melted wax begins to cool add your fragrance. I added about 20 drops of each sent to my pot of about 2lbs of wax. The amount of drops depends on your preference of smell.

Step 3: Transfer some of your wax to your measuring cup. This made pouring the hot melted wax into our tiny votives a heck of a lot easier. Pour the wax to desired hight. Keep one as your copy for the rest of your candles. KEEP THEM STILL.

Your candles will go from a clear/yellow color back to their original flake color of white. Try to keep them as still as possible to avoid bubbles and bumps in your cute candles.

Step 4: As your candles are cooling you can make your labels for them! I designed my sisters labels using a saying she saw and matched it to her invitations. I used an adhesive transfer paper called Artis-tic. I wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome. The little adhesive dots were visible through the paper I chose. Thicker paper would avoid this. The great thing about the Artist-tic is it allows you to make any shape or size label you need.

Step 5: Once your candles have completely cooled, it's time to trim the wicks. I did them at an angle, gives a more unique look. Adhere labels and viola! Cute, cost effective wedding favors.

They are elegant, inexpensive customizable wedding favors. They looked beautiful next to her wooden plank sign-in table. More pictures to come once she get's them back from the photographer, so stay tuned!

P.S. You don't only have to make them as favors. These would also work for birthdays, or Christmas presents. Let us know how your candles turn out!

lots of love,


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