KK's Cookbook Collection

Truth be told, I haven’t cooked every single recipe from every single cookbook that I own. I like the possibility,the inspiration, more. Because I can’t resist a beautiful cookbook, I now have a pretty large collection of food related tomes. It also helps that I requested cookbooks last year for my birthday,  and oh how they rolled in!


It was hard, but I chose my top 5 recipes—even though I audibly gasped Jared when told me I should do this. Afterall, I love ALL my cookbooks, and it’s not easy to choose between your favorite things.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie by Four and Twenty Blackbirds
I don’t bake very often, but during the holidays I will spend a good portion of days baking this pie for friends and delivering them around town. The spices are perfect–the crust is phenomenal. When Jared and I were in New York, we took the long subway ride out to Brooklyn just to have this pie in their flagship bakery.

Ike’s Vietnamese Wings by Pok Pok
I’ve never actually made the recipe but I sure do love to order them at  Whiskey Soda Lounge. I DREAM about these wings. I recommend the rest of the recipes in this book too, if only because it’s pretty wild how reminiscent the recipes are of MY mom’s cooking. If you didn’t know, I am Laotian/Southeast Asian, aka #jungleasian for all my Ali Wong fans out there.

Salmon Chowder by Time for Dinner
Possibly one of the dishes that I make to get Jared to do anything I want. I cannot recommend this book as a whole enough. Its layout is great and the functionality is amazing. I am not a mom that needs to cook for kids, but I do love a quick and easy dinner regardless. 

BBQ Chicken and Roasted Corn Salad by Eat to Beat Diabetes
Talk about your Kitchen Sink kind of salad! This is a crowd pleaser at our house and works great at parties. It’s lettuce topped with black beans, roasted corn, chicken, tomatoes, and feta. There is also a tangy, creamy BBQ sauce you throw on top. Pretty healthy, easy as f*ck, and makes plenty of leftovers. 

Beer-Brined Turkey by Weber’s New Real Grilling
Cue Julie Andrews, because THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! You got turkey, you got beer, you got it all cooked on a grill. I’ve technically not cooked a turkey this way, but I am in charge of Thanksgiving this year and Jared and I are definitely cooking it this way. Might even cook it this way BEFORE Thanksgiving even gets here. 

Behold, friends! I made a quick video of my flipping through my cookbooks so you can get a taste (FOOD PUN!) of my collection. It was enjoyable to make this video knowing that I would be sharing it with you lovely folks!  Scroll down past  the video to see the list of titles and where you can get them. 

Let me know if you have a favorite! I’d love to expand my collection. Also let me know if there is a particular one you think WORKKPARTY should cook from next!