Out of Office: Anniversary Camping Trip in Southern Oregon

WARNING: Be prepared to be bombarded by photos of adorable dogs.

In August, Jared and I had the pleasure of joining our friends Lisa and Nathan for their 10th anniversary road trip. We did not go the whole way, but rather joined them for the Crater Lake/Diamond Lake portion of their trip. We also brought the #runyonherd. This includes our dog Eloise along with Jared’s parent’s dogs: Meika (a silver Labrador Retriever) and Tiffany (a surly, but loveable, Lhasa Apso).

Lisa is kind of the unsung hero of mine and TY’s origin story. She also worked at the bridal boutique we met at, and I was also supposed to replace her, but now I hang out with her all the time (although it’s still not often enough). Jared and I had a great time with Lisa and Nathan and look forward to future travels with them, as well as many more years of anniversaries!

Back to the current trip. We had two regrets: The orientation of our tent (we were on a hill at a bad angle), and not staying longer at Diamond Lake. We only stayed a day but the dogs enjoyed the heck out of themselves. We packed our small car with camping supplies and dogs, met Lisa and Nathan at Pine State Biscuits for a bit of breakfast, then took the 4 hour drive to Crater Lake. We were all very pleased to get out and run around once we got there. Look at this happy photogenic dog ruining my shot.

Unfortunately, you cannot actually camp at Crater Lake but you can camp at Diamond Lake, which is about 10 miles north of that. There we had a romantic anniversary dinner planned for our friends, but first we let the pups roam and take a dip in the lake! Meika hates being cold, so we were surprised when she took to the water. Eloise has never really been around water since she was a puppy, but she was confused and delighted when she realized we would play ball with her if she swam for it. Tiffany would never set foot in water willingly. By the way, Diamond Lake is picturesque–and that’s an understatement.

Eloise Dive
Diamond Lake-31.jpg
Diamond Lake-104.jpg
Meika Shake

We headed back to the campsite to start a fire, which was mostly Jared’s job. He is an excellent fire maker. Excuse me while I tend to my lady boner…

Once we had the fire going, we started dinner. The first course was a Royal Trumpet Mushroom and goat cheese dip based on this recipe here. We toasted the baguette using foil and spinning it around at the edges of the fire. The second, and main course, were ember grilled lobster tails. It’s a wonderfully decadent meal and extremely easy to make. It only takes a minutes once you have the fire down to embers. I will likely post a recipe for this later, but comment below if you’d rather I do it ASAP!

The third and final course was our favorite roasted s’mores skillet (recipe here). We are firm believers that camping is not camping without a little s’mores action. After that, we were all full, happy and ready for a good night’s sleep.

But first, coffee! 


Later in October, I’ll show you how to make french press coffee. It’s super helpful if you want to make fresh coffee, but instant coffee might be the better way to go if you don’t want to fuss with all this while camping. I surprised Jared with my camera early in the morning. He returned the favor by MacGuyver-ing bacon on the campfire. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to marry him!

After breakfast and puppy lovin’, we prepped for a walk along the lake and snuck in a mini photoshoot with the pups. Lisa showed me her camera and we had a lovely time taking photos together.

Unfortunately, Monday and the office were calling our names and we had to go. None of us were ready for that 5-6 hour drive (we hit traffic on the way home). Like I said, next time we’ll stay longer and maybe have a bigger car to pack all our stuff, because the dogs were crammed on top of clothes and blankets as well as each other. Tiffany rode in Jared’s lap most of the ride home.

It was such fun to camp with the pack though. It’s sort of a goal of mine to be featured on the Instagram Camping with Dogs so there may be more camping trips in our future not that I need any arm twisting. It’s fun taking the dogs out and about. You see that wildness in the dogs and you start to feel it too. And I’ll be honest, it feels good to get out of the city every once and awhile.

Diamond Lake-34.jpg

Now that Summer is officially over, what are your plans for Autumn?
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