Our Travel Essentials

We love to travel. KK is writing to you from surprisingly sunny, San Francisco. We have a bunch of places we want to visit in 2017, so we have a few travel blog posts planned this year. TY and I travel a lot (check out our past travel posts here), so our packing lists vary from time to time; however, there are a few things we never leave home without, no matter if we are going to the beach or going to the city. Check out our picks below!


TY’s Essentials

Hydroflask Water Bottle
Keeping hydrated while traveling is essential. This water bottle is the best! It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. FOR HOURS! I'm not kidding; I can fill it with ice water and there will still be ice in there 24 hours later. Perfect for long road trips or just keeping your water at a perfect ice cold temperature.

Lip Balm : The Healer
Lip balm is always a must for me. I’m particular to The Healer by Posh Cosmetics. It is a great product. I have the little tin can version (out of style) but they now have it in convenient sticks. Shea butter with essential oils cure any cracked lips or dry skin problems, practically overnight. Changing climates and dry airports do not help my skin, especially my lips. Having a lip balm on hand is a lifesaver for when my lips are dry, cracking, and burning.

Jabra Wireless Headphones
These serve a dual purpose, not to mention they are wireless! I love wireless things: less cords, less tangles, less everything. I usually use these for running. However, when you are in a confined space (like an airplane) the less cords you have to worry about the better in my opinion. They also double as a Bluetooth headset for my phone. Multi tasking for the win.

Kate Spade Large Tote
This has become my Go-To carry on personal item. It is large enough to hold a multitude of things, but small enough to “fit under the seat”. This bag has pockets galore (which I love) to put all your essentials in. Tip: find a bag large enough to fit the purse you will be using when you are out and about on your travels. That way this bag will become your personal item and you can still have a carry on!

Johansen Camera Bag
When I'm traveling with my DSLR camera, this bag disguises that massive hunk of metal. A camera bag disguised as a purse? Genius. Turning a bulky piece of equipment into an elegant accessory, need I say more? Jo totes have a variety of options, not just for women either!

DSLR Camera
Currently shooting with a Nikon D5000 and a 50mm lens. Next upgrade is a new lens. But we work with what we have until then.



KK’s Essentials

Lo & Sons OG Bag
It’s the perfect carry-on for the over packer like me and is great for business trips, with all the pockets you’d ever want. I also have their camera bag that I travel with on occasion. It really is the perfect bag to use during local photoshoots.

Beats Solo3 Headphones
Planes are loud and I like to tune out when I travel. These bad boys cancel noise well, as well as give off the #donttalktome vibe that ear buds don’t acheive. Check out my full review post here.

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle
Hydration is key with travel, and a lot of people don’t realize what travel does to your health and your skin. I don’t always like the tap water where I go, so I use my Bobble to clean the taste and impurities. Black + Blum makes a more aesthetically pleasing bottle, but you have to fill your bottle well ahead of time.

Portable Battery & Charger - When you’re out and about snapping pics of your glamorous travel, you can really burn through your battery. Jared and I love our Mophie and Anker battery packs. Truth be told, we never leave the house without them, even when we aren’t traveling because we are so addicted to our electronics.

DSLR Camera
I hate to miss the opportunity to capture the moment when I am out and about. My current camera setup is the Canon Rebel T5i with a 24mm pancake lens. I’d love to upgrade to a full frame eventually, but my Rebel is lightweight and gets the job done, as you have seen with my posts!

7 Chakras Soap Co Perfume Oil in Amber
I found this awesome, ultra portable perfume oil on our trip to Minneapolis. It’s compact, smells great without being overpowering, and you don’t have to worry about bringing it on the plane because it’s well under the liquid restrictions. Just dab it on your wrists and neck and you are good to go!

NIKE Free Connect Training Shoe
I love these for the days when I want to be a tourist. They are also a great workout shoe but only if you are hitting the gym. If you are running outdoors, it would be better to bring your better running shoes. These are a comfortable walking around and seeing the sights kind of shoe. Slip them on (Look no laces, MA!) and you are good to go.  

Trip Bucket List
I am a planner, and as such I must have a few To-Do’s planned out during my trips in order to measure them as a success. Can you say “fussy robot”? I know this does not sound exciting, or healthy for that matter, but I like to have an idea of things I want to accomplish when I go on my trips so that I am not shrugging my shoulders when I get there. I usually pack my Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal in Berry and my planner the Day Designer for Blue Sky.

DVF 24” Hardside Spinner Suitcase
I’ve received so many compliments when traveling with this bag. Again, I am an overpacker and I usually combine business trips with vacation so I end up packing work supplies, work clothes, casual clothes and all the shoes I can fit. This big guy is a checked bag, but it is SO worth it. All of my things are protected in a hard case, and it’s easy to spot among the black and boring luggage at baggage claim.

PDX Carpet
This is a new addition to travel essentials. If you haven’t heard about the big hubbub around the PDX airport carpet change a few years ago, you may want to pause and read about it. I have a really good friend who works for the airport who snapped me a clean sample of the original carpet as a gift. Jared and I have deemed it the PDX Magic Carpet and plan to take it on all our travels and snap pictures of it as sort of an extra fun thing or as Gretchen Rubin calls it “a quest.” Check out our (separate from WORKKPARTY) instagram account for it here!

What are your travel must haves?
Let us know in the comments below!

Happy (and Safe) Travels!

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