Happy Birthday Month TY + Grown Up Birthday Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again!

It’s TY’s birthday month and we have some festive posts lined up for you! 
Let’s all wish TY a happy birthday! In case you have a birthday coming up a well, we have some Grown Up birthday party ideas lined up for you below! 


Idea 1: Whiskey Tasting Party

TY loves Whiskey but you are welcome to use any beverage you’d like. I would provide a few options and drinkware for your guests but have people bring a bottle to keep cost low. Have snacks as well. Drinking on an empty stomach sounds pretty lame to me but it can also enhance the flavors of the beverage you pair it with.  

Idea 2: Crafting Party

Get creative - literally! You can do a floral arranging party or a candle making party. You can learn a new craft together for your birthday. If you have a super creative friend, ask if they’ll teach the group the basics of how to do a craft like embroidery or block printing.


Idea 3: Nagashi Somen Party

Nagashi Sōmen literally means flowing noodle. I got some weird looks trying to explain what it is.  Most people haven’t heard it but that’s because it’s a summertime Japanese tradition. Usually, during the hotter months, a few bamboo shoots are cut down, hollowed out, and rigged up to become bamboo chutes!

Essentially, a flume is created by running water through the connected bamboo, creating a giant water slide for noodles to flow down. The catch? You literally have to catch. The noodles float down with the water and guests, using chopsticks, fish out the noodles. Then they dip it in a delicious, cool tsuyu sauce and into their mouths it goes. Crazy right?

I have thrown this type of party twice for my birthday and  I’ve learned that it’s fun to play with your food. :-D Learn more about this type of party on our previous post here.


Idea 4: Seafood Boil

Although this may be another food-themed party, a Seafood Boil is a bit more relaxed. Like a mega potluck, get all the ingredients for the boil and have guests BYOB or sides. I recommend doing this outdoors!

Idea 5: Outdoor Movie Party

Speaking of outdoors, why not watch a movie outside as well? We are lucky to live near this drive in movie theater! But in case you don’t, here are a few DIY options:


Idea 6: Grown Kid Party

It’s still okay to have fun at whatever age you are! Consider these grown up versions of these kid type activities like these:

  • Barcade - We have Ground Kontrol, Seattle has a bunch of barcades but I recommend Add-A-Ball, Chicago also has a ton but my Chi-Town friends love Emporium. Look up whether your town has something like it. Or do it at home! Get an old school console and create a bracket with your friends.
  • Bowling Alley - there are a few swanky ones like this one here in Portland and this one in Nashville but a regular bowling alley would do!
  • Game night!  Get out the board games and go classic with Monopoly or Charades or play some newer elaborate games like Game of Phones, Jackbox, or Betrayal at Hill House.

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