How to Clean Your Closet

I love cleaning other people’s closets.

No joke. Ask TY. I made her clean her closet, completely unprompted. I am kind of a decluttering bully. It helps when you give people wine before rifling through their possessions.

It might be because it’s Springtime, but I’ve been on such a cleaning and organizational kick—I just can’t stand when a space isn’t being utilized to its full potential. I also find that I am a stress cleaner, and let’s be honest: 2018 has been quite a stressful year for me thus far, #stresscleanqueen.

However, I do understand that it’s easy for me, a person who finds inner calm from outer order. I have taken it upon myself to re-organize my in-law's house (whether they like it or not) because I am a happiness bully as well. I can’t imagine living in a cluttered environment is good for anyone, even the true ENFP and ISFP that they are. Thus, I am using my ENTJ-Virgo-Slytherin powers to whip their home into shape. Plus, we want to actually use the coat closet as a coat closet and not the abyss of lunch bags and random outwear hell that it currently is, #sorrynotsorry fam.

Steps to Declutter Any Closet!

  • Take everything out!
    I know it totally blows and seems intimidating, but you won’t know what’s in there until you’ve pulled everything out. Once you have everything out, you’ll realize how large the closet actually is!  

  • Clean it.
    Wipe it down, dust, and vacuum. Again, a little tedious but it must be done now that you can reach all the dust bunnies.  

  • Assess what you have in there.
    Keep, toss, donate, or move the item to its real home. There were a lot of things that didn’t need to live in the coat closet.

  • Plan where you want to put things.
    Jot down or sketch a plan of where you want to put the items that will return to the closet. I drew a quick outline and knew that the less used and seasonal items would go to the back, the sides, and the top of the closet because there, they are less accessible. I would order the jackets by owner.

  • Gather your supplies.
    Look around the house before you hit the stores. I know how tempting it is to buy all new containers, but there might be things around the house that you aren’t using or can be consolidated. But if you don’t find anything, I have created a quick hits list for you below.

USE ALL THE SAME HANGERS. I am very Mommy Dearest about it but I can’t stand when people have all different hangers. It makes your closet look messy. We want cohesion, people! I suggest you use whatever hangers fit your aesthetic and budget. 

  • Put everything back.
    This may take a few tries to get right. Remember the plan/drawing you made but also be flexible, sometimes things just don’t fit neatly. Don’t tell my alternate personality, Ms. Neat, Control Freak.

  • Test the layout and gather the missing pieces.
    You need to live with things in order to get the true picture of functionality. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get these bins that I wanted in time and wasn’t sure if my in-laws would be okay with a peg rail, so I didn’t get any. But I ordered the pieces now that I know that they are necessary for the final look and layout.

WORKKPARTY- Clean Closet

Tools & Supplies I Recommend

WORKKPARTY Closet Cleaning-2.jpg

What’s next?

I’ve already organized the spice cabinet and the baking cabinet—the rest of the kitchen is calling my name. The garage is also a target. I’ve been dying for the weather to improve here so that I can do a massive decluttering of my in-laws garage. I have joked that I would burn it down if they ever willed it to me. I WOULDN’T!

There are miscellaneous tools lying about in the house so once the garage (and maybe even the shed) are more navigable, I’ll work on upgrading their family room situation.

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What are your Spring Cleaning plans?

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