Our Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

How do you thank such a monumental person?

Honestly, I’ve never felt like anything I’ve given my mom on Mother’s Day has felt like enough.  If I am not giving you enough anxiety about Mother’s Day yet remember: it’s on May 13th this year!

Getting a jump on it now might help with the pressure of figuring out how to give her the best gift ever. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list to get you started!  Please note that these are my honest opinions. None of the following links are sponsored or affiliated.

Think about what Mom is like! Does she fit into one of the following categories?


For the new mom or mom to be: Blue Apron Gift Card
Routine grocery shopping trips are gonna be tough when you’re expecting or when you’ve already welcome the little one into the world. Help a mother out by making dinner a no brainer.


For the crafty mom: J. Villa Workshop Weaving Kit
The crafty moms that I know tend to collect project supplies and get so overwhelmed by the supplies that they end up never starting the project itself. J. Villa Kits are easy and contain all the pieces and you can even choose between different color palettes to personalize it a bit more for Mom. Also if you are in the Chicago area, I’d recommend you sign up for J. Villa’s in person workshop like the Mother's Day Wall Plant Hangers @ DISTRICT. I’ve been to one of these and I highly recommend!


For the fashionable mom: The Lo and Son’s Seville Tote
You know that I love my Lo and Son’s bag for travel and I’ve bought both my mom and my future mother in law each a Lo and Son’s Bag but if your mom is into something that has form and function, I’d recommend the Seville Tote. It has an interchangeable sleeve so Mom can match it to her mood or her shoes for that day.

Frankfurter Brett Cutting Board

For the chef mom: Frankfurter Brett Cutting Board
A friend of mine introduced me to one of these. She had gotten it as a Christmas gift and I’m utterly in love with these bespoke, professional cutting boards.

Women's StretchDown™ RS Hooded Jacket.png

For the adventure mom: The Mountain Hardware Women's StretchDown™ RS Hooded Jacket
This is a very lightweight jacket that is perfect for mom if she loves to hike or backpack. It’s also on sale at $159.90, marked down from $320 (at the time of writing this post).

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.43.06 AM.png

For the mom with a great sense of humor: A funny card, followed by a glass of wine.
inks below to these cards! 


For the beauty addict mom: Glossier Cloud Paint Blush
These adorable tubes of blush may seem intimidating at first but Makeup Maven Mom will surely have fun trying these seamless colors that isn’t full of chemicals. These are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben free, fragrance free,  and cruelty free. If you have a bigger budget, I’d also recommend getting her a grab bag of the Glossier products. They have a full line of skincare as well as make-up.


For the techy mom (100% sure this will be me in the future): The Fitbit Versa
Even if Mom isn’t a fitness buff, she may appreciate the full connectivity of the Versa. It has full GPS and access to Apps plus it comes in array of stylish colors.

Not sure what your mom likes? Here are some tips to find out.  

If she doesn’t fall into the typical categories like my mom, it may be difficult to determine what she likes. Here are tips that might help uncover her gift:

  • Enlist help! Ask her best friend, sister, or significant other. Anyone that might have their ear to the ground and can listen for things she might want or need.
  • Go in on a gift. If there is something that your sibling might have thought of or they are willing to go in on a more expensive gift/experience for your mom, it might be worth a shot to do a group gift.
  • Take her out! Mom might just want to spend time with you.
  • Ask her if there is something that she’s had her eye on. This may be the last resort since this takes all the element of surprise away. Just explain to her that you love her and want to get her exactly what she wants because she deserves that AND more.

When in doubt: Google.

If you haven’t yet, check out our list of last minute gift ideas here.  The internet is a wealth of knowledge and I totally do not take it personally if you don’t go with any of the options we chose but here are a few more lists and roundups that might give your brilliant gifting brain something to think about:

What are you getting for Mom this year? 

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