Out of the Office: Holy Matcha, San Diego

Weather Report: Raining in PDX.

I normally love this cozy weather, but going on a quick vacay to San Diego and LA has totally thrown my Northwest sensibilities out the fucking window. If you ask TY though, she’d tell you that she is a summer child—growing up in Hawaii will do that to ya! ;-)

In January, my brother asked me to join him and his girlfriend on a trip to sunny California. I only had one requirement of my visit to San Diego: to go to Holy Matcha. I have been stalking them on Instagram pretty religiously because hello! Pink everything, floral pancakes and my favorite kind of tea: matcha?!? I mean, LOOK at their instagram feed below! It’s #moodboardt for sure.


And it did not disappoint.  I am pretty sure this is the longest it's ever taking me to eat a pancake because I was so busy taking pictures of everything. I was convinced that I had died and gone to heaven because when we got there everything was so perfectly decorated and they were blaring rap music, which I felt perfectly juxtaposed the pretty millennial pink decor while not going off brand.

Here’s a little more info from the About Page:

Founder Geraldine Ridaura was inspired to open Holy Matcha after traveling to Japan and discovering the vibrant green tea. The fact that she can't drink coffee only fueled her excitement to have found such a healthy and delicious replacement.

Geraldine was actually the one who took our order! She was very nice and just as flawless in real life as she is in her photos.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a coffee addict for sure (check out these posts if you don’t believe me) but lately, I’ve been into Matcha and all of its properties. It’s just a smoother caffeine experience. Also it’s super refreshing when mixed with strawberry lemonade (see below) like they make here at Holy Matcha!

Normally, my OOO posts are about where I am working from (#digitalnomad) but I don’t think I could focus at a place like this. This is the kind of place where you meet a friend and catch up on life. I was here with my brother’s girlfriend and we were almost unable to eat our food because we were too busy taking photos. I mean, look at the decor! 

I would have happily spent the entirety of the afternoon there, but we had other things to do while we were in San Diego. I’d love to go back to explore more of the food scene, and apparently, there is a bit of a nightlife. Till next time, Holy Matcha!  

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