Making of ShopHAUS: Creating a Moodboard for Your Home

Making of ShopHAUS: Creating a Moodboard for Your Home

We bought a fixer-upper house.

But we bought it almost EXACTLY a year ago. By we, I mean, Jared and I, not TY and I. Although part of the property will be our future studio. We’ve done a lot of demolition and have gotten rid of a ton of trash on the property. Yet progress has slowed due to the Permit process. Our contractor refuses to do any work until we’ve permitted the property. Lucky for us, the previous owner didn’t permit the master bathroom or the converted garage. Yay. :-S

I go back and forth on feeling thrilled by making a home exactly how we want and overwhelmed at the process.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.09.58 AM.png

It is tough to stay inspired to work on the house when I am drained by the process. When the going gets tough, the tough make a moodboard. I often make moodboards for my branding projects to find the vibe of the brand.

To reinvigorate my vision of our house, I decided to brand it. I had lost my way because of all the pinning and binge-watching the Goddess Divine aka Joanna Gaines. She is the master of house flipping and I don't even like rustic chic. It’s easy to want to replicate the style of others so it’s important to actually examine the vibe that fits you and what you are going for. Here are some steps to discover your house’s vibe.

Give your house a name.

We named it the ShopHAUS. I am a huge Mad Men fan and this scene inspired our inside joke of naming everything _____ House. We adopted the German spelling as a nod to the art school and to add to the absurdity of our joke.

The ‘Shop’ part comes from the fact that the property features not only a house but a shop. Technically it’s a garage because it has two garage doors but we’ve been calling it a shop because one of the previous owners used to run an auto repair business out of the shop. We plan to make it into a multipurpose space: garage, movie room, creative studio. Oh and wet bar.

Yet again we are channeling Joanna Gaines by naming the house. It’s the first step to an identity and sets the tone for the branding and styling of your home. ShopHAUS to me says playful yet straight-forward. This brings us to the next step!

Think of emotions that you want to feel while in your home.

Or think of visual words that you want to associate with your home. We are going to make ShopHAUS into a Japanese Modern inspired, Bat Cave.

  • We like matte stones, rich wood textures, and BLACK.
  • We are both into a modern and masculine feel.
  • I am drawn to minimalism more than Jared but I like mixing and matching with dramatic and bolder styles. I am a maximalist with things that I like, i.e. books, dining wares, paper (I love paper), food, art. I have a fondness for collecting that makes it difficult for me to ever be a true minimalist.
  • We like the idea of the house feeling like a cool bar or restaurant that you’d come to after a long day at work. Or a cafe that you’d come to finish your novel - reading or writing it.  A place to hang and catch up with friends.

Use the words you chose to create a collection of images.

I search high and low  but ultimately collect my images on Pinterest. I would start with these words as a guide and maybe spend only ONE day collecting images and them maybe a week culling those images using your desired words/visuals. Here is our final board on Pinterest. We ended up with 15 images and we also liked the bright moss green color found in nature.

Pinterest ShopHAUS.png

Whittle down your images and put your final faves onto a Moodboard.

Google moodboards for an idea on how you want to layout your images. There are so many! Or snag our moodboard below as a guide.  I spent a couple hours fooling around with different layouts to see which images looked best and also exemplified our vibe. Take your time and take breaks. You might realize that there is a piece your missing. We thought we needed a textile but instead we ended incorporating wood grain.

Google Moodboard.png

Pull colors from your images. 

If you are using Photoshop like I was, you can use the eyedropper tool to collect colors from your images. I don’t think that we will limit the colors in our home to this palette but it is certainly a jumping off point. I would like to include a muted shade of the Gorge Moss as well as the vibrant shade in our Mudroom/ Laundry Room.  I thought we’d tie in more Navy but I actually feel like that would be too boy-ish. Our house is Atticus Finch manly. Check out the final result. 


What do I do with the moodboard now? We are using it to making a logo.

As a communication designer, it’s my natural inclination to create a brand identity. I do it with everything. Whoops. We want to include it on invitations/letters and any notes or things we send out. I’m a huge fan of mailing and delivering gifts and it would be fun to have a cohesive element. We’d use the logo like a signature that indicates: THIS GIFT/LETTER/PIE IS FROM SHOPHAUS!

I’ll continue to update the blog with progress on the house to A. Keep me accountable and B. Keep you all inspired & informed on how the house is going. I’ll have a logo for you very soon!

I’ll be doing a full BEFORE video tour also very soon. We’ve demo-ed a lot and are still doing so. Once the weather stabilizes, we are going to hit the house renovation HARD!

What is your favorite room in your house?
Mine is definitely the kitchen.


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