KK's Surprise Engagement Party

KK's Surprise Engagement Party

I have a non-spooky update for you!

Jared and I decided to surprise our families and friends with our engagement announcement! What better way than with our annual Nagashi Somen party (aka the noodle party)? In case you don’t know what that is: a flume is created by running water through the connected bamboo, creating a giant waterslide for noodles to flow down. The noodles float down with the water and guests, using chopsticks, fish out the noodles. Then they dip it in a delicious, cool tsuyu sauce and into their mouths it goes. To learn more about Nagashi Somen, check out our previous post here.

Before I get into the party itself, I just wanted to level with you about how I feel about being engaged. I always knew I’d get married someday but now that things are actually happening: reality sets in. Don’t get me wrong! I love Jared and I am excited to marry him but I have been dreaming of this day for such a long time that I have pretty much decided everything right down to the music, what everyone’s wearing, what floral arrangements we’ll have. EVERYTHING. I just never imagined that I’d be running a (kickass) blog, rebuilding my home, and working full time as virtual assistant at the same time as planning my wedding! I’ll keep you posted with all the wedding updates here on the WORKKPARTY but be prepared for our very long engagement as we balance all the other responsibilities in our lives. <3

Back to the fun part! Jared and I decided to use the guise of our annual noodle party to announce to our close friends and family that we were engaged! We built a shrine of the engagement photos that the wonderfully talented Cat Zoerb (née Dossett) took, see those here and here.

It was a ton of fun hearing the OH MY GODs and congratulations from everyone. Although I hate surprises myself I love to be the one doing the surprising.

Another surprise that happened was how well my homemade teriyaki sauce turned out. The chicken skewers were a big hit. I may have to add the recipe here on the blog soon! Let me know in the comments below if you want the secrets to this sauce!

So what’s next? Because we are paying a mortgage on the house, it takes priority over the wedding planning. Jared and I bought a fixer upper in April and we are still not living in it yet and needless to say, I am quite anxious to complete this project.

Party Photos taken by the lovely Lisa Schuler!

102317_Surprise Engagement Party-1.jpg

Do you have any advice for this transition in life?
I’d love to hear about your engagements and any tips you may have in the comments below!


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